Monday, January 14, 2013

Show Tripping Weekend Packing List

I always camp when travelling for a show and the opportunity presents itself as an option. Gimme that sweet quiet away from the energy and noise of the crowds. When I've reached my limit of action and interactions I want to lay my head in the grass and think about the experience and rest and relax under the trees the way we're meant to be.

Since there aren't many shows in SC, usually have to pack something that will fit in the community car without taking too much space but still have what I need. Below is what I usually pack to get me through a weekend, not including what I'm wearing the day I leave.

Mike's Show Trip Weekend (Car Camping with the option to separate if the wind blows me)

Flip Flops
Small first aid kit
2 shirts
1 change of pants
1 change of underwear
1 change of socks
Camel back water bladder
1 package beef jerky
1 ultralight tent
1 ultrawarm sleeping bag
1 headlamp
1 gigastove
1 mess / cooking kit
4 freeze dried meals

I've been researching small solar chargers for my phone but I am not yet sure the trust is there to warrant the expense.

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