Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mike Asimos Vacation Plans

So I have a busy schedule the next few months and want to share those with my family and friends.  I actually just got back from LA on Tuesday.  It was a Dad and Daughter trip.  We did a celebrity tour and even took a trip Disney Land.  I continue to notice how grown up she is getting.  It amazes me because she will always be my little girl.

Phoenix, AZ 8/29/14.  I do some telecommute work and need to visit one of the bosses in the company.  It could be a good opportunity to win him over and perhaps move up in the company.

Miami, FL 9/2/14.  It's going to be a hot one but we're having a small family get together.  Also my cousin is having a small backyard wedding and we will be attending that.

Portland, OR 9/15/14.  Our final destination before going back home is Portland.  This is just a vacation trip with me and my Wife.  She LOVES Portland and while I honestly don't understand why, I'm going to support here wishes on this one.  Happy Wife happy life right?

That is the plan for now.  We are going to be super busy but will try to keep in touch on our social media sites and this website.

Later friends.
Mike Asimos

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Social Media gives Mike a headache

I did not realize how much time it took to actually keep up with people on social media. In some ways it is super cool to be able to keep up with people even though you don't see them but in others I find myself missing the interaction. I created a bunch of profiles hoping to be able to catch up with people that I have met but I've forgotted half of the passwords at this point. Too much environmental science taking up all of my brain space, man.

Mike Asimos has a headache!

I will be finishing up school earlier than expected hell yes! Every time I talk with my friends they're discussing a social media observation of other friends instead of seeing them.

I think the only way for me to actually feel good about my friendships is to get back into the music show scene as quickly as possible after I graduate and have a little bit of time.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Foraging for Edibles

I just added an example of an edibles guide on my pinterest Michael Asimos Camping board. Understanding what mushrooms, berries, leaves, bark, etc that are safe can keep you alive in an emergency. That aside, I enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients that I find while on my outings.

The time to educate yourself on what plants in your areas are safe and what aren't isn't when you're starving after dark. Take the time to learn about indigenous plants and mushrooms that are specific to your geographic region before you need to. There are plenty of resources online and at the library, and a small field manual isn't a bad idea either.

I have a small emergency sheet that's laminated that goes inside my backpack.

If you plan your camping trip in areas that you know are abundant with edibles, you can pack less and use it fresh when you get there.

One word of advice -- don't eat anything that you can not identify 100%. If there is an extra band on the stalk or the leaf is "almost" identical, it isn't worth the risk.

Once you become familiar with the wild plants that are available in your area, you will feel more confident lightening your pack and it's a lot of fun to share your knowledge with other people who are hesitant or haven't been exposed to foraging before.

And if you ever come across a cache of Huckleberries --- let me know!

- Mike

Monday, October 21, 2013

Travel Towels - Get One

Maybe I am the only one who has seen a sham wow commercial and wanted one for camping, but they are heavy. I have invested in some REI multitowels and gotten way more than my money's worth out of them. The 36X16.5" is 4.3oz. I also got a PackTowl Ultralight which is only 1.8oz for the 36X20.

The REI multitowel feels more like a shamwow would - it's soft and absorbent, vs the PackTowl which is more like a squeegee on my skin. That said, the PackTowl dries much faster hanging from a tree branch or across my tent or even hanging from the corner of a bunkbed in a hostel!

Travel towels are an important part of my hiking and camping pack for several reasons. Listed below are just a few:
1. While couch surfing you don't need to dirty someone else's towels for a shower or quick rinse
2. If you come across a stream/lake/river on the trail you can dry quickly
3. Most campgrounds don't have towels
4. You can dry yourself and gear off before settling into your tent
5. If it is long enough you can use it to secure bulky gear atop your pack
6. It can double as a pillow
7. With a quick swipe of your knife you have tourniquet strips

I tend to go light and take the Ultralight with me and I have just the large, not the XL or XXL.

Travel towels vary in cost but a good one will last you several years and many adventures (if you're livin right!)

I also posted on my other blog about hang drums. I suppose that a travel towel large enough could provide some travel cushion for the drum.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hot Water Without Electricity

This is only one way to do it, but he does a sufficient job in explaining the basics of how and why it works. I've seen a few of his videos and while I think there are some basic safety issues overlooked, he seems to master the basics. I think most of us could figure out alternative ways to do this, given his basic explanation.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Lively Music App

I have a wicked collection of bootlegs for having the unfortunate timing of my birth being later than allowed me to collect them live.
I also have grown up in the digital age, and as is more aptly named, the digitized age.
I love live music and have spent many hours with my tape recorder/digital voice recorder/cell phone in the air trying to capture a few minutes of a great show as a keepsake for later. The result is never as magic as I hoped for and the recreation of the experience falls flat.

I just found a solution. It's called Lively and is available on Windows phones, iphones and android phones. It looks like they are working on other devices too but for now seems to be limited to mobile.

Lively has set up a system where they use (legal) high quality video and sound equipment to capture entire concerts and you can download the whole thing for the price of the album. Since you can share video from your phone it makes it easy to recreate the concert in your living room (or your buddy's living room) - and you don't get a charlie horse in your arm - and you don't have to worry about security confiscating your camera.

Their commercial is not the best, but it does a good job explaining it:

I already downloaded The Lonely Forest concert and am beyond impressed with the results.  I am hoping that they hit the folk festivals. There are a lot of shows I would like to go to but between my last year of school and how much a lot of these shows are it would be a decent substitute to get the concert this way!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Michael Asimos : Fishing on the Road

I saw this really nice fly reel this morning: at Abel's Reels and it got me thinking about how much I love fishing when I'm on my adventure.

Sometimes I like to rough it in a different sense and not bring any main food prep items. I will, of course, pack emergency food like high protein bars, but I like to try my hand at fishing when location and temperature make getting lucky probable.

Along with checking the fishing reports for the immediate areas I'm gonna be in, I try to camp along the river or lake so that I don't have to travel far to get started. Plus I really like the sound of rushing water, crickets, frogs and birds.

I always have the emergency line and hook in with my kit, but I have never used it. I've used something similar to the Ronco Pocket Fisherman (see right) with a little success. It's fairly lightweight and so small that it fits inside of my pack easily. I have a small bait kit that I put together after I read the fishing report and figure out what all I need to bring.
The Pocket Fisherman isn't the most comfortable to hold all day though, so if you're wanting something that is lightweight and won't wear out your hands, I recommend the Ultralight Fishing Rod and Reel Combo at 4.55 oz. I've had it handle some hefty bass and trout with no problem at all.

Do you have a favorite rod and reel combo for backpacking?