Monday, January 28, 2013

Best day packs for shows and camping?

Flash 18 Pack - Mike Asimos
I know that day packs range from $30 to $300, depending on all of the features. I like to check our REI when they have outlet sales (or whenever I can make it up in the Charlotte area) and I have gotten some nice packs. I have an older military rucksack too. Some of them have water bladders and others don't. I have noticed that if the straps aren't padded enough and I'm carrying water bottles, other heavy items, I feel some real shoulder strain as the day goes on. This is the case with my Flash 18 pack.

I struggle with breathable material vs waterproof. Smells, spills, etc all seem to happen during the most inconvenient times.

Do you have a favorite pack? -- Mike

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Easy Fritos Chili Bags

I've seen a few folks post this idea and wanted to share it.

You know those little Fritos bags? Get some for camping or, in my case, any time.

I cup of chili for one fritos bag. Heat up the chili, and pour it into the bag. Mix. Add some cheese. Good to go.  You can always add salsa, sour cream, etc- just don't make the mistake I did of putting too much chili in the bag

Usually I will bring one can of chili for 2 bags and you can also use doritos chips or whatever.

Picture from

It's easy to make in a dorm room if you've got a microwave and cheaper and more satisfying than a fast food run.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Home with the Folks

I suppose if I was going to have to miss out on a weekend of my usual, a cold weekend was smart. I don't know how people live in colder climates. It's in the 60 degree range here and I'm rocking the long sleeves. Good thing I got a lot of new shirts for Christmas from the folks. Plus hand me downs form my uncle mean that I get old concert shirts that are still in decent condition.

Alright. Mom made meatloaf. I'm gonna gravitate to the kitchen.

Peace everybody,


Wednesday, January 16, 2013


The Grateful Dead Archive Online is a super collection of dead artwork, show memorabilia, and a wicked online archive of live recordings from shows. Live at Madison Square Garden in 1979?!

There are a few video recordings too.

I've been meaning to write about it sooner, but here it is. With support from UC - this isn't going anywhere any time soon, thank jerry.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Show Tripping Weekend Packing List

I always camp when travelling for a show and the opportunity presents itself as an option. Gimme that sweet quiet away from the energy and noise of the crowds. When I've reached my limit of action and interactions I want to lay my head in the grass and think about the experience and rest and relax under the trees the way we're meant to be.

Since there aren't many shows in SC, usually have to pack something that will fit in the community car without taking too much space but still have what I need. Below is what I usually pack to get me through a weekend, not including what I'm wearing the day I leave.

Mike's Show Trip Weekend (Car Camping with the option to separate if the wind blows me)

Flip Flops
Small first aid kit
2 shirts
1 change of pants
1 change of underwear
1 change of socks
Camel back water bladder
1 package beef jerky
1 ultralight tent
1 ultrawarm sleeping bag
1 headlamp
1 gigastove
1 mess / cooking kit
4 freeze dried meals

I've been researching small solar chargers for my phone but I am not yet sure the trust is there to warrant the expense.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Statistics and Strings

Wo, oh, what I want to know, where does the time go? I know I should be focused on statistics for math, but I'm focused on what shows are coming ie: Yonder Mountain String Band . I should be learning about the President of Kazakhstan for my political class. I know right - kazakhstan - It's real. And instead I want to learn about how to easily make hard cider.

The weather has been holding steady in the low 70's for which i am happy but it doesn't replace the hot days of woods trekking summer and free time that i am sure most kids my age yearn for.

Does anyone else know of any good shows coming this way that I could get excited about? MayB then i could focus on my studies sorta that light at the end of the tunnel thing.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

SEC Champions Crimson Tide v Notre Dame

Can you say blow out? Despite my love for all things nature, I do love some college football, in particular, the Alabama Crimson Tide. I know most kids around here are loyal to their South Carolina teams, but I've always admired their committment to solid football teams. They captured the SEC championship and continued on to be national champions again. Congratulations to their coach and team.

If you're interested in the highlights, there is a great compilation on youtube: blowout

Michael very happy.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Mike's Camping Food - Foil

Found this great article on 50 things to grill in foil nomnom and a lot of it is for a more sophisticated palette but not all of it, ie: nuts, chicken, roasted veggies. I think if you make them up ahead of time and throw em in a pack, you've got pretty fancy grub to go.

If i'm not backpacking and have access to trunk space i bring my coleman grill and these will cook up fine on a low heat i think.

If only they made compostable foil!

Back to school

I tried to get some tickets to see a show this weekend to no avail. Ticket prices are unbelievable. As mentioned in some google groups posts, they have made premium music available to the elite only, which is a bummer.
Fortunately, there are archives online full of great Dead music to satiate the rest of us.

As one person said, the high ticket prices prevent hoardes of people with no tickets from coming, as a $125 miracle is slim happenin

You can find me on Google + as Michael Asimos if you want to talk about music shows there too cause I'm always open to discussion and rideshares.

For the rest of today i'll be dreamin, but Mike will be in class.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Camping Food

I found some eazy camping recipes on Pinterest of all places. Like fritos pie by just dumping cheese and chili into the bag, mix, eat. It's always cheaper when I travel for music shows to bring my own food and I'm down to chow most of the time >> GROWIN!

At any rate - here's a link to my pinterest board where I have already put some and will put more. Please let me know if you have any easy and portable recipes that you like. I'm gonna make social media delicious!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I'm Mike and I like to Camp!

I have liked being outdoors all my life. Even with college in full swing I've tried to get away for music shows and always opt to camp nearby. Sometimes the campgrounds if they are close by get noisy but I have found that I enjoy the comradery that comes from people camping vs parking lots that can turn into tail gate parties.

Don't get me wrong - I enjoy tailgating for SEC games, but if it's up to me I will alwayz pick the woods.

This weekend I hit Pisgah National Forest (Pisgah National Forest 411). It is one of my favorite places in the world for solo and group camping. It got cold but I got a new sleeping bag for the holidaze that I was ready to test. Thank you Dad!

I also got to test some of my pinterest recipes that I found (michal asimos camping pinterest board ) and the ham and cheese bake was bomb.

I'm excited for winter to be over so that I can go to the west coast for some adventures. Any good show venues folkz can recommend?