Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mike Asimos Vacation Plans

So I have a busy schedule the next few months and want to share those with my family and friends.  I actually just got back from LA on Tuesday.  It was a Dad and Daughter trip.  We did a celebrity tour and even took a trip Disney Land.  I continue to notice how grown up she is getting.  It amazes me because she will always be my little girl.

Phoenix, AZ 8/29/14.  I do some telecommute work and need to visit one of the bosses in the company.  It could be a good opportunity to win him over and perhaps move up in the company.

Miami, FL 9/2/14.  It's going to be a hot one but we're having a small family get together.  Also my cousin is having a small backyard wedding and we will be attending that.

Portland, OR 9/15/14.  Our final destination before going back home is Portland.  This is just a vacation trip with me and my Wife.  She LOVES Portland and while I honestly don't understand why, I'm going to support here wishes on this one.  Happy Wife happy life right?

That is the plan for now.  We are going to be super busy but will try to keep in touch on our social media sites and this website.

Later friends.
Mike Asimos