Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring and Summer 2013 means Music!

While procrastinating doing my biology homework, I wanted to find out if anyone had input around some of the major music festivals that happen annually in the US. Between school and work I will probably only get to travel out of the state for one concert this year, but next year, if reviews are good, I want to try to plan ahead more. Weigh in on which concert you would attend and help me decide which one is worth swimming through a sea of sweaty people slamming monster energy drinks.

SXSW : "Michael, Texas is too far away" says the ever protective Mrs. Asimos. Thanks, mom, but SXSW is probably the most mentioned music festival of my generation (with Bonnaroo running a close second).  Not as much of my style of music as Bonnaroo, but it seems to be sticking around and that means something, right? I'm certainly too late for this concert this year, but maybe next year.

Coachella : Seems to be heavily focused on electronica - a nice shift from my usual folk-based selections. It's all the way in California, but with as many acts as they have I'm certain to find either good people or good dance sessions. And let's face it, there are some really wicked camping spots along the way to the west coast to take advantage of!

Bonnaroo : Bonnaroo is my favorite concert event yet, though as you can probably tell by this post I haven't been able to make many more. Weird Al Yankovic is there this year which is just, well, weird, but the lineup makes my soul happy and I know I'll see a lot of my brothers and sisters there from past shows. What is better than good music and great company?

So thoughts? Thoughts for me to pass along to Mrs. Asimos? Great campin spots nearby any of them that may sway me hard to new lands and adventures?

Peace out!