Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Foraging for Edibles

I just added an example of an edibles guide on my pinterest Michael Asimos Camping board. Understanding what mushrooms, berries, leaves, bark, etc that are safe can keep you alive in an emergency. That aside, I enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients that I find while on my outings.

The time to educate yourself on what plants in your areas are safe and what aren't isn't when you're starving after dark. Take the time to learn about indigenous plants and mushrooms that are specific to your geographic region before you need to. There are plenty of resources online and at the library, and a small field manual isn't a bad idea either.

I have a small emergency sheet that's laminated that goes inside my backpack.

If you plan your camping trip in areas that you know are abundant with edibles, you can pack less and use it fresh when you get there.

One word of advice -- don't eat anything that you can not identify 100%. If there is an extra band on the stalk or the leaf is "almost" identical, it isn't worth the risk.

Once you become familiar with the wild plants that are available in your area, you will feel more confident lightening your pack and it's a lot of fun to share your knowledge with other people who are hesitant or haven't been exposed to foraging before.

And if you ever come across a cache of Huckleberries --- let me know!

- Mike

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