Monday, October 21, 2013

Travel Towels - Get One

Maybe I am the only one who has seen a sham wow commercial and wanted one for camping, but they are heavy. I have invested in some REI multitowels and gotten way more than my money's worth out of them. The 36X16.5" is 4.3oz. I also got a PackTowl Ultralight which is only 1.8oz for the 36X20.

The REI multitowel feels more like a shamwow would - it's soft and absorbent, vs the PackTowl which is more like a squeegee on my skin. That said, the PackTowl dries much faster hanging from a tree branch or across my tent or even hanging from the corner of a bunkbed in a hostel!

Travel towels are an important part of my hiking and camping pack for several reasons. Listed below are just a few:
1. While couch surfing you don't need to dirty someone else's towels for a shower or quick rinse
2. If you come across a stream/lake/river on the trail you can dry quickly
3. Most campgrounds don't have towels
4. You can dry yourself and gear off before settling into your tent
5. If it is long enough you can use it to secure bulky gear atop your pack
6. It can double as a pillow
7. With a quick swipe of your knife you have tourniquet strips

I tend to go light and take the Ultralight with me and I have just the large, not the XL or XXL.

Travel towels vary in cost but a good one will last you several years and many adventures (if you're livin right!)

I also posted on my other blog about hang drums. I suppose that a travel towel large enough could provide some travel cushion for the drum.

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