Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Social Media gives Mike a headache

I did not realize how much time it took to actually keep up with people on social media. In some ways it is super cool to be able to keep up with people even though you don't see them but in others I find myself missing the interaction. I created a bunch of profiles hoping to be able to catch up with people that I have met but I've forgotted half of the passwords at this point. Too much environmental science taking up all of my brain space, man.

Mike Asimos has a headache!

I will be finishing up school earlier than expected hell yes! Every time I talk with my friends they're discussing a social media observation of other friends instead of seeing them.

I think the only way for me to actually feel good about my friendships is to get back into the music show scene as quickly as possible after I graduate and have a little bit of time.

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