Monday, November 17, 2014

Mike Asimos - New Shoes for Christmas?

It is coming up on the holiday season and as usual I am filling up my list of requests for Christmas. I learned in high school that the best thing to do in my family was to give a list over and leave the element of surprise out of it.

This year I need a new pair of trail shoes. Currently scattered around between boxes and my closets I have:

Waterproof sandals:
Keene Waterproof Sandals
Keen makes great shoes for outdoor wear, from very tonka like sturdy to lightweight. They take a little longer than I'd like to dry if the air is damp but I can usually make it work by putting them into a stream of sunshine for a few hours.

Winter Boots: Lowa Renegade
The Mike Asimos Top Choice - Lowa Renegade
I have always trusted Lowa boots. I got my first pair in jr high and have continued to buy them when they wear out. They are warm and stay dry. It doesn't get too cold here in South Carolina, but that doesn't mean the warmth is not needed when doing overnights in late fall and into winter.
My only complaint is that they are not resoleable which means that when the boot starts to separate from the sole, a new pair will be in order.

They are affordable though, and with the speed laces have always been easy to get on and off quickly.

Every day trail shoes:

Merrell Moab Trail Shoes
I have had this pair of Merrell shoes for the past two years and they have done me alright. The ventilation aspect works when it isn't too warm out, but I suppose not much can withstand the dampness of our climate.

It is a comfortable shoe and does well on rocks as well as sand. They are also surprisingly easy to clean.

I am asking for a pair of Ecco trail shoes this year.
I have gotten to try on some eccos before and found them to be really comfortable. At $190 they are not the most affordable, but they aren't the most expensive either. Top of my Christmas list - are you reading this, Big Mike? 

So these are my favorites of my current inventory. Do you have a favorite trail shoe or boot? I am always lookin for recommendations. 

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